Only Raising Dust On The Road by Raymond Carroll - Part 1: Buckfast, Lager & Fags

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I am a self-published author. Today I participated in a tweet pitch. My book genre is adult/humour/fiction. When I first started writing – about 18 years ago – I wasn’t reaching out to a specific audience, and I didn’t set out to write a book in any particular genre. I started writing because I am creative and wanted to create something that I had always wanted to read. I am Scottish and use a lot of slang and colloquialisms (profanity also) in my writing, and wouldn’t exactly describe my style as mainstream, but over the years my writing has evolved into something that I am proud of. Anyway, an agent replied to my tweet pitch ‘intrigued’, looking for more info. She was a YA (Young Adult) agent and when I told her that my book was Adult, she passed on it. Cool for cats. I understand that she’s looking for material in a specific genre.
After reading other tweet pitches that got one or more replies from agents or publishers, I remembered why I had self-published back in 2016; it was because I realised back then that if I wanted to get my writing ‘out there’, in the big bad world, then I had to self-publish. Agents and publishers are business people, looking for mainstream manuscripts that they can make money on. My writing isn’t easily defined – genre-wise; it’s too risky, too obscure, and too controversial for most agents or publishers to take a chance on.
My advice to fellow writers and authors is: don’t be disheartened when agents or publishers pass on or reject your work. Agents and publishers are in it – mainly, for the money, and they’re looking for well-defined, mainstream material that they can distribute and make money on, hopefully, lots of it. If an agent or publisher isn’t interested in your work, it doesn’t mean it’s no good, oftentimes it merely means it’s not mainstream.
Anyway, marketing your own work as a self-published author is an essential part of the self-publishing process. On the 20th and 21st of January 2018, Part 1: Buckfast, Lager & Fags, of my book series – Only Raising Dust On The Road – will be available to download for FREE from Amazon.
The story takes place in Thailand and is written from a multiple character first person point of view. The book deals with common social problems, such as alcoholism and drug addiction, and follows the chaotic life of the protagonist – Micky, as he attempts to transcend his disposition and re-establish a connection with the world.
‘Only Raising Dust On The Road’ is a work of fiction – a black comedy, inspired by, and based loosely on, true events.
If you download the book, then please leave an honest review on Amazon. All the best for 2018… Raymond
Profile pic - Only Raising Dust On The Road by Raymond Carroll - Part 1: Buckfast, Lager & Fags
Only Raising Dust On The Road by Raymond Carroll – Part 1: Buckfast, Lager & Fags

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